cbg oil

CBG and cooperation with CBD

Since CBG is the cradle of other cannabinoids, mature cannabis plants contain little or no CBG. Moreover, producers need to act quickly before existing CBG is converted into another cannabinoid.

Therefore, the young cannabis plant is used to produce sufficient amounts of CBG. Or they buy cannabis plants containing more CBG, which have been developed by plant breeders in recent years.

But for now, CBG remains the Rolls Royce of cannabinoids. Because of its rarity. And for its supportive quality. It’s proving particularly good at working with CBD. CBG oil amplifies many of the benefits of CBD, while of course exploiting its individual properties.

Endocannabinoid system

A special moment in the history of cannabinoids was the discovery of the body’s (endo)cannabinoid system. The body produces its own cannabinoids and sends them throughout the body to places where something is not going well. There the cannabinoids bind to cells and signal the need for action.

There are situations when your own system is not working as you want it to. Plant (phyto)cannabinoids seem to support the body’s system. As mentioned earlier, cannabinoids have their own specific properties. But they mainly work together, the so-called ‚chaperone effect‘. All substances present play a role in achieving the best possible results.

Synergy of CBG and CBD

Expectations are high for CBG, partly because of its role in the growth habits of cannabis plants; the fact that other cannabinoids are produced from it. But as already mentioned, CBG and CBD have been shown to work well together.

For those diseases where CBD provides the desired results, they appear to be synergistic when combined with CBG (synergistic effect: 1+1=3). In other words, with CBG, the results are more than doubled.

Use and dosage of CBG oil
Most manufacturers offer cannabinoids as a full spectrum product. This means that the product contains high amounts of the eponymous substance, but also other cannabinoids. This creates the aforementioned entourage effect.

You can also use CBG oil on its own as a full spectrum product. Known effects include pain relief, muscle relaxation and appetite stimulation. Users have also reported a reduction in intraocular pressure, which can occur, for example, when tears in the eyes do not drain properly.

However, in combination with CBD, it is currently popular. It is particularly enthusiastic among those who are already familiar with the effects of CBD.

How do you use CBG?

A few drops under the tongue is best for all cannabinoid products. The body absorbs the active ingredients easily. After dabbing CBG, hold it under your tongue for a while before swallowing. This stimulates the mucous glands in your mouth, allowing your body to absorb the cannabinoid even more.

Other methods are also possible, such as a few drops in salad or yoghurt. These are less recommended with CBG. First, you need more to get the same result. Secondly, it is possible to keep the number of drops constant, but it is not known how much of the active ingredient is then absorbed by the body.

CBG oil dosage

Dosage varies from person to person. It is therefore best to base it on personal experience. Start with a few drops according to the instructions on the packet. Then increase the dose as you see fit. Remember that cannabinoids act directly. However, most people do not feel the effects for a few days.

If CBG oil is combined with CBD, a different use and dosage will apply. For physical (bodily) ailments, CBD is used first, followed by CBG about half an hour later. For psychological complaints, take the two at the same time or immediately after each other at half the dose per product.

Many people have discovered the combination of CBG and CBD for nighttime sleep. USA medical has developed a product for them in which CBD and CBG are equally present. This makes dosing easier. Where it’s still best is under the tongue.


CBG oil is a harmless herbal product. So you can never take too much of it. If you take too much, your body will remove the excess. However, it is not necessary to use several drops at once. Just a few drops will kick-start the body.

The composition of the branded products offered is known to the manufacturer. Their products are regularly tested in independent laboratories. In the manufacturing process, CBG is supplemented with natural oils, usually sesame or hemp seed oil.

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